Bmi Mini by Beastmode Industries

Bmi Mini by Beastmode Industries

There’s a new temperature control mod on the horizon, already generating much excitement for its sheer novelty backed by strong industry roots. Soon, BMI Mini’s will be released to select stores around the country.

The BMI Mini is the brainchild of three unique forces: BMI, expert in the crafting of high-quality and widely sought-after box mods designed and fabricated in the USA; Vape Organics, which has designed and manufactured the American-made VO chip set right here in Southern California; and VO Distro led by one of the vape industry’s foremost visionaries. VO Distro or Vape Organics hardware distribution, also situated in the USA, is a groundbreaking, forward-thinking collaborative effort. With all of this expertise converging to create the highly innovative BMI Mini, it’s safe to say that its entrance onto the vape scene will be game-changing.

So what’s so special about the BMI Mini? Aside from the fact that it’s powered by a single battery so it’s compact and user-friendly, has a sleek and innovative design. Well… it’s sustainable in every sense of the word: it’s a completely American-made product… right down to the chip set. We all know how rare this is. We should also mention it will feature upgradeable firmware, so anyone in possession of this chip will benefit indefinitely from future software updates.

Additionally, this mod comes equipped with many exciting features. For example, vapers are offered three modes of use: power mode (as in the classic BMI), joule mode (new!) and bypass mode. Additionally, the BMI mini offers a fully customizable vaping experience by way of lots of exciting features, such as a graphic user interface, reverse polarity, output short, low resistance, low battery voltage and overheat protection. Did we mention it features a custom 510 connector with BMI engraving? Yes, we live in the details.


  • Made in the USA
  • Anodized hard finish
  • Max Wattage Setting: 60 Watts
  • Magnetic Battery Cover
  • Heavy Duty, 22mm Floating, Custom Made 510 Connection
  • SS Tactile Switches
  • 3 Bottom Vent Holes
  • Output Short Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Battery Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Battery Low Voltage Protection
  • Temperature Protection
  • Single 18650 Battery Configuration
  • Battery Meter
  • OHM Reader (to the 100th)
  • Temperature control with anti-dry burning technology
  • 3 modes: 1) Bypass mechanical mode 2) Power mode 3) Temperature Control Mode
  • In Power mode: Resistance: 0.15ohm – 3.0 ohm // Output: 5Watt – 60Watt // Temperature: 200 – 580 degree Fahrenheit / 100 – 300 degree Celsius
  • Temperature control mode: Resistance: 0.05ohm – 0.3ohm // Output: 10 joules – 60 joules // Temperature: 200 – 580 degree Fahrenheit / 100 – 300 degree Celsius
  • Accelerator Setting: Soft, Standard, Powerful, and Powerful+
  • Buck – Boost & Boost, DC-DC converter
  • Auto display with accelerometer
  • Firmware upgrade via USB
$ 140.00