Vector Rda by Vulcan

Vector Rda by Vulcan
Continuing where the Vulcan RDA left off, the Vector begins yet again with precision and quality.
New in the Vector are eight vertical intakes, aligned to hover above the posts at a precisely calculated angle, to create a strong current downward onto and around the coil(s) build. The result is a rich, dense mixture of air/flavor ‘scooped’ up as you pull through the wide-bore AFC drip-cap.
In addition to staying true to its tradition of solid-piece construction and Signature Under-Passing juice, the new Vector incorporates large wire holes and spin-proof center post. The top-feed air chamber also acts as a leak-free design. This is design and function that you should expect and desire from a Japanese Perfectionist Producer.

 Full 303 Stainless Steel
 Single Solid-Piece Construction
 Vertical Top-Feed Air Intake
 Super Wide-Bore AFC Drip Cap
 Leak-Free Design
 Signature Under-Passing Juice Well
 Large Post Holes
 ‘Squircular’ Center Post Base
 Pure Red Copper Contact Pins
 PEEK Insulators
 Unparalleled Machining
$ 19.99